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Our international team of environment, health and safety (EHS) experts as well as our hygiene and environmental laboratories, help you to protect workers and the environment, generate customer confidence, enhance your reputation, manage risk and increase business efficiency.

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SGS environment, health and safety: protecting the planet, workers and your business.

Successful businesses protect the environment, their employees, communities and other members of the public. Failure to minimize the impact of your businesses activities will result in censure by employees, regulatory authorities and customers. Increasingly, stakeholders are also looking for evidence to prove you are adhering to best practice.

Your business will undoubtedly already have policies and procedures in place concerning health and safety and protecting the environment. Are you sure they adhere to best practice? Are you certain you are complying with local, national and international regulations? If you are sure, can you prove it?

SGS Environment, Health and Safety Services

SGS offers comprehensive solutions to help your business implement best practice in all areas of EHS policy and procedure. As the world’s leading inspection, certification, testing and verification company, we can help you mitigate against a wide variety of risks and are familiar with all local, national and international legislation that may affect your business.

For the environment: our specialists will help you with every aspect of your environmental responsibilities, offering solutions for:

  • Air: specialized ambient and indoor air sampling and testing
  • Soil: environmental drilling, soil and sediment sampling, and geotechnical services as well as a wide range of soil and sediment testing solutions
  • Water: sampling and analysis of all water types
  • Waste: assessing, testing, monitoring, reducing and managing your waste products
  • Climate change: services to optimize your businesses relationship with the environment – from micro-pollutants to greenhouse gas emissions

For health and safety: our experts offer advice and audits against international and company-specific standards, can help you with occupational or industrial hygiene obligations, and offer a wide range of health and safety related testing whether for workplace inspection or to improve the quality of your built environment

With a global network of environmental, health and safety experts operating in around 140 territories, we are the world leaders in providing EHS services, helping you achieve economic and social sustainability. We understand the importance of quality scientific data in enabling informed decision making. Whatever your concern, wherever you are in the world, SGS has the capability to help you optimize your business, meet regulatory obligations and mitigate against risks relating to health and safety and environmental impact.

Contact your local SGS office to learn more about our environment, health and safety services.

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Synthetic Polymer Contamination in Bottled Water

SGS mobilizes its international network of ISO 17025 accredited laboratories to support the consumer water industry. Call our dedicated hotline on +41-22-739-95-25.

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